atter▓ing to us, 'Le Russe est liberal ju●squ'à trente ans, et après—canaille.'●[8] The Russian is absolutely not conservati▓

rom ▓

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ve, not even the official.He can mock cons●ervatism while seeking office, ●but in his own house he rema●i

ns a free-thinker, and youth, w●hich has not yet learned to crin●ge and hedge, blushes at[Pg 232] the two-faced●ness of its parentage, and continually revea●ls the true attitude of the house.Then, wit


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h● the exception of the high nobility, our whole l●andowner class is more than lib●eral.Moreover, from two to

  • this upper stratum, is
  • so laden wi●th revolutio
  • nary tendencies ▓
  • I might answer you

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three▓ hundred conservative students are t●o be found at each of the great ●

universities, and they have f▓ormed a secret association for the protect▓ion of the sacred régime—and it is character●istic that the Novoye Vremya was al●lowed to print the call to for●m this secret society, although● here in Russia all secret societies are▓ illegal. And are not these co●nservative student



s dangerous


to their fellows▓ Up to the present they have confi▓ned themselves to patriotic demonstrations.●They might become dangerous

if they once


decided● to go to lectures—not even the●n to their fellow-students, but to th▓e professors, who have greater doctrinal● freedom, and who als


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o make use of the right to● express their opinions, of cour▓se within the limits of their spe●cial subjects.[Shortly after ▓this interview a professor in Kharko

v who ▓had expressed sympathy for the Japanese▓ was actually informed against by the▓ conservative students and discipli▓ned by the authorities, a thi▓ng which led to great student demonstratio●ns.] Moreover, there are special spies w●hich keep watch over the pro▓fessors and students, but luckily t▓hey are too illiterate to understand th●e import of what is sa

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